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This book is about a one-week Meditation retreat that Dr. Landrum Participated in from October, 2010 to October 17, 2010.  Dr. Landrum wrote a very personal journal about this experience and wanted to share it with others.  The book can be found at Xlibris.com, Amazon.com, and also Barnes and Noble.com.   You can also request your local book store order the book for you.  The book was released on January 13, 2011.


Kirkus Editor Review


Landrum, a woman well-practiced in helping others overcome difficulty and achieve success, offers her insights into the Japanese practice of sesshin through her personal journal.

To one unfamiliar with the practice of sesshin, this book at first appears to contain a misspelling. But Landrum, a behavioral health therapist, quickly clears that up, explaining the type of extended meditation involved in and encompassed by a sesshin. She then explains her purpose with this book—to demonstrate, through giving an account of her experience, what a sesshin is, specifically for those who may be interested in attending one. She then details her experience with a weeklong sesshin among California’s redwoods, during which she spent most of her time in meditation with a group. While Landrum’s details are fascinating and very specifically re-create her experience, it’s occasionally hard to tell if the book is targeted at outside readers with a general interest in the practice of sesshin or whether the details of Landrum’s experience are overly personal. Some of the information she gives, while important to her experience, would not necessarily be applicable to the majority of sesshin attendees. For instance, near the end of the week, Landrum struggles with the way one of the group leaders tries to control her and she ends up not attending most of the remaining group times. This is certainly key to her personal journey through the sesshin, but would probably not happen to most attendees. Some readers might wish Landrum’s journal had undergone another edit, so that she could share information relevant to a sesshin without airing personal issues. However, the details Landrum gives are not embarrassing and do not qualify as over-sharing, just potentially uninteresting to those in search of facts about attending a sesshin. But as the documentation of one individual’s experience within the practice of a sesshin, Landrum’s story nicely demonstrates the journey a soul can make through such a unique undertaking.

Those interested in attending a sesshin will find Landrum’s book useful, though the tight focus on the author’s individual experience may be too specific for general application.

Amazon.com Customer Review

I'd never heard of a "sesshin" until I read this book, and it's really kind of fascinating to know that such an experience exists in our overly-active, excessively busy, often trivialized world. Dr. Landrum does a great job of bringing the reader into the experience through her honest, brave, and funny voice. I like how the book didn't feel too measured--like she was writing in the moment (which is how I imagine such a journal would unfold)--and I'm both intrigued by and scared of attending a sesshin now. Perhaps what I took most out of reading this journal is the significance of doing or experiencing something beyond my comfort zone. That might sound cliche, but I really think that her week of minimal talking/communication and moments of discomfort made her stronger and more self-aware, and I hope I can have like experiences--either in attending a sesshin or doing something else. There's definite value in reading this!! 

Amazon.com Customer Review

Most readers will find themselves in this journal. Dr. Landrum is candid and reflective in a way that many business professionals would be given the deep work she embraced. The ending is not what readers will expect, but what many will relate to. The questions provided at the end of the book allow for group or individual study. Highly useful and well worth the read.

Barnes & Noble.com Customer Review

Autumn Sesshim is a real life experience book to read. You actually feel like you was present at this sesshin that the author encountered.


When you read this book it makes you want to adventure out of your day to day life and experience something different that you never did before.


I enjoyed reading this book and encourage others to do the same.