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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Especially For Women


If a woman’s father was abusive, absent, judgmental or emotionally distant, what are some of the ways she may differ from other women?
·        Many of these women will make very poor choices with a romantic partner. 
·        There may be a Fear of Success.
·        She may tend to have very low Self-Efficacy
·        She may have Excessive Fears of Rejection
·        There may be serious problems of Mistrust
·        Addictions and Obsessions tend to be very common
·        She may be more Defensive than other women
·        She may exhibit Envy of others
·        She may have more of a tendency to be self-critical
·        These women tend to look for answers outside of themselves
·        She may have difficulty recognizing and claiming her own special ness.
·        She tends to live with an Empty Place inside that longs to be filled.
Questions to ask yourself:
·        Do you fear that people you love will leave you?
·        If your father was absent, what were the conditions of his departure: military duty, extended travel, suicide, other death, divorce, imprisonment, lots of business travel, desertion?
·        What are some of the feelings you can remember about your father’s leaving?
·        Are you one of the many women who never knew your biological father and did not think it made a difference in your life?
·        If you remember your dad leaving, for what ever reason, how old were you at the time?
·        Was this considered a “family secret” in your home?
·        If your father was not completely absent, but “distant,” how did you feel inside?